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MATERIALS - Stone, Dirt, Topsoil & Rock

Both landscapers and homeowners alike use materials such as topsoil, boulders and quarry stone to either add to a homes existing landscape or create a new setting. F&F can help with any project around your home or business in need of crushed aggregates, hot mix asphalt or ready mix concrete. We offer delivery of the following crushed aggregate materials from several of the local limestone quarries as well as produce our own screened topsoil. Delivery and product availability subject to the seasonal availably and quarry hours.


2A Modified Stone
Contains ¾” stone, fine aggregate and stone dust to provide compaction. Ideal for driveways and stone base for paver walkways and walls.

2B Stone
Contains ¾” washed stone that is used primarily under concrete slabs. Other uses may include French drains, bedding drain pipes, bases for sheds and landscape.

#3 Stone
Similar to 2B but larger, containing stones ranging is size from ¾” to 2”. Used in larger drainage applications.

Fine crushed stone that compacts with no drainage. Used primarily as a toping over 2A stone for leveling the base of paver bricks. Can also be used as pipe bedding of utilities such as electric or gas lines.

Rip Rap (various sizes)
Larger crushed limestone graded into various sizes depending on the application. Primarily used is drainage swales and aprons.

Landscape Boulders
Natural stone ranging in size from 12” to 48”. Used as landscape accents or stacked and placed for natural looking retaining walls.

Screened Fill Dirt

Screened Topsoil

All materials are available for delivery in the Greater Pocono Area by way of tri-axel dump truck. (23 ton minimum)

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